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The United States Congress introduced the USA Patriot Act after the September 11th terrorist attacks. It was instated for the purpose of combating terrorist acts in the United States and all over the globe. This act gives the government the right to view your personal records in order to create a safer environment for our community. The patriot act is a benefit for the United States in that we can now be much more secure knowing that potential terrorists are being suspected and halted before they can commit any real damage to our society. It does require a minor invasion of your privacy, but it's for a better and safer America. After all, what do the non-terrorists have to fear if we have nothing to hide.The patriot act has so far captured 400 suspected terrorists and half of them have been convicted. Now, imagine what they might have been capable of if we had not been able to know in advance what they were planning? Before the patriot act was instated, criminal investigators were stopped dead by a legal wall. With the patriot act now in full effect, law enforcement officials can now work together while sharing information and in the end, bring all terrorists to justice. After all, information sharing has made a huge impact, especially when two years ago the FBI helped bring down a man who plotted to destroy the New York City Bridge.(F)- Two years ago, FBI agents in Ohio confronted Iyman Faris, and he was charged with providing support to al-Qaida after he, among other things, agreed to take part in a plot to destroy a New York City bridge. The capture came after an investigation that involved more than a dozen agencies in the Southern Ohio Joint Terrorism Task Force that was made possible by the Patriot Act. According to one FBI agent, "The Faris case would not have happened without sharing information. We would never have even had the lead."-(F)The patriot act also extends the use of roving wiretaps, which help in international terrorism investigations. However, before a law official may use one, he must receive consent from a judge. Without the use of the roving wiretaps, terrorists would be able to escape the law much easier by simply purchasing a new cell phone. In order to create this safe community without terrorism, we need to give our law enforcement officers the technology they need to track down suspected terrorists.This patriot act sounds all well and good, but how do we know if it will be used responsibly without an extreme inbreachment of privacy? (G)- Congress has oversight...

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