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Usa's Withdrawal From Vietnam Essay

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USA's Withdrawal From Vietnam

The USA withdrew from Vietnam for a variety of reasons. The very fact
that the largest super power of the time withdrew from this largely
unheard of region proves that there can be no substitute for careful
planning prior to a major conflict including money.

The Failure Of American Tactics

There were many ill thought out and sometimes barbaric tactics used by
the USA which all contributed to withdrawal and the failure of
American tactics in Vietnam.

One of the major contributing factors for this was that right from the
very start the American government believed that it could succeed in
its mission in this campaign, simply by ploughing billions of dollars
of the US tax payers money into what eventually proved to be a
worthless cause, as a pose to spending time in careful preparation
planning necessary action that could have been taken before committing
countless young prosperous American lives to the on going conflict.

This however, was by no means the only failing of the U.S government
during the Vietnam conflict. The government was not honest to its
people. They referred to the thousands of armed forces personnel and
vehicles that had been deployed in Vietnam as 'advisors'. President
Lyndon .B. Johnson appeared to turn the war into more of a personal
vendetta for himself as he was even quoted as saying that he 'don't
wanna be the first president in America to loose a war' proving that
he was thus more interested in his own political survival in his
capitalist society than the lives of thousands of his fellow American
service men and women. As well as this the American government went to
Vietnam with the belief that 'the power to destroy is the power to
control'. This later proved to be an extremely naïve judgement that
the American government had made as this only made the determination
of the Vietnamese people increase. This occurred as for example when a
fellow Vietnamese soldier was killed by the American forces, the
surviving soldiers feelings of grief would turn to a feeling of much
anger and bitter resentment towards the Americans.

The American military often used inhumane tactics against their
enemies in Vietnam. They would use a killing technique called 'napalm'
which burnt any person's flesh that came into contact with this
dangerous substance. The Americans believed that such atrocities would
force the Viet Cong into submition however this only strengthened
their resolve and determination to drive the Americans to withdraw
from Vietnam.

The U.S military also used extremely old what could even be described
as 'medieval' style tactics during this campaign. For example their
soldiers would often easily be seen following the course of small
rivers and streams for basic navigation. Streams and rivers always
flow through...

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