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Usa Should Legalize Marijuana Essay

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2012141USA should legalize marijuanaSince the 1930s possession of marijuana has been banned in most of the countries as it is believed to be a drug that damages our health and possess a threat to society. However, countries like Canada, Israel and Czech Republic have accepted cannabis as a legal medicinal drug. The acceptance of marijuana has been taken to a whole different level when Uruguay became the first country to have legalized the cultivation, posession and distribution of this drug in 2013. More and more countries are decriminalizing or even legalizing cannabis. Because it [1] has therapeutic properties, [2] would make a positive economic impact, [3] and it is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, United States of America should legalize marijuana.To begin with, marijuana can control various illnesses and treat diseases. For example, Robert J. DeLorenzo of Virginia Commonwealth University have made a study which proved that an ingredient known as THC, which is found in marijuana, is capable of controlling epileptic seizures (Robert J. DeLorenzo, 2003). Also, scientists of University of Nottingham have came up with a conclusion that bowel diseases can be treated by using marijuana (British Pharmacological Society, 2009). In 2006 Kim D. Janda led a study that came to a conclusion that cannabis can slow down the development of Alzheimer's disease (Kim D. Janda, 2006). Furthermore, Sean D. Mc.Allister and Pierre-Yves Desprez have discovered that the contagion of cancer can also be stopped by a chemical found in marijuana (Mc.Allister and Desprez, 2007). According to Jacob Sullum (2013), "we predict the public-health benefits of legalization to be positive". He is making this prediction on the strength of researches that have proven that alcohol and marijuana are substitues. This means that when the consumption of marijuana increseses - consumption of alcohol decreases. Making the correlation between these two products negative. As it is believed that alcohol is doing a much bigger harm to the society, Jacob Sullum arrives at a conclusion that the well being of people would benefit from a legalization of marijuana (Jacob Sullum, 2013). Finally, when providing information about cannabis, National Cancer Institute have stated that marijuana is stimulating apetite, relieving pain, improving our mood and diminishes anxiety (National Cancer Institute). Taking all these facts into consideration, cannabis is truly a drug which could be even more developed and distributed as a cure against various diseases.Legalization of marijuana would not only influence our health, it would also have a significant effect on economy. A legal market would lead to established legal companies. As a result, a huge amount of cash would move from the black market to the legal market and part of this cash would transform into tax revenue. Colorado was the first state in the US to legalize distribution of marijuana. During the first day of sales shops reached a revenue of...

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