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Usa Today Swot Analysis

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USA Today will have to move from the past into the future to maintain a competitive advantage. Although the newspaper was fresh and innovative at its conception, it has grown stale. The past color scheme of news (blue), Sports (red), Life (purple) and money (green) is no longer eye catching. The format needs to be modern with more photos and graphs with the ability to sear for more in-depth information linked to each article.

Several of its competitors, Wall Street Journal and New York Times, charge for its mobile apps and viewing. However, USA Today could move to a free digital version of its news and push for increased paid advertisement to help gain market share. In addition, it needs to create a market niche in regards to its VaMP Video. This will allow them to capture the young male who is affluent and socially driven. In addition, they need to push the HoopsHype site. “This active site has demonstrated a steady growth in 2012 with a 30% increase, but needs marketing to increase viewers and advertisement revenue (USA Today, 2013). In addition, it needs to consolidate its services. Due to the increase in technology and on the go population, television will face the same obstacles as print media. Individuals no longer want to wait until a certain hour to watch the news. Therefore, by eliminating this feature now and cutting their financial loses early, they could refocus their vision to a digital format.

The move to horizontal formatting for tables needs to be expanded to include all areas of USA Today. As more individual move from the desktop computer to tablets that are lighter and easy to view the stronger the demand for horizontal formatting.

USA can gain a competitive advantage if they move into the next phase of publication. The all digital, horizontal format with a clean modern look with help capture the young professionals.

2. How has a continuous strategy of marketing innovation proved successful for USA Today and Do you believe that USA Today is well positioned for the future? Why or why not? Explain..

USA Today broke the mold when it launched in 1982. It was the first paper to bring short, precise and breaking news to the busy reader. In addition, it had color to help the reader drill down into the area of interest. The paper continued to push the envelope on innovation with the utilization of color advertisement. However, USA Today never slowed it pace on innovation and strategic planning. They forged ahead with the implementation of the Blue Chip circulation that allowed hotels, airports and restaurants to purchase the paper in bulk at a discount to distribute to its customers free while increasing product branding and visibility. By 1999 the paper pulled off another coup by allowing front page advertisement. Since one of the founding goals was to deliver news quickly they added additional print sites, computer to press plate and decreased the deadline to ensure they were ahead of...

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