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Usage Of Information Technology For The Construction Industry

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Obisesan Abiodun
Course: Construction IT Application
Topic: Usage of IT for Construction Industry
Civil Engineering
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Helsinki Finland

April 2014

Construction information technology (IT) applications are the applied use of information technology during the planning, design and implementation of projects or work during construction projects. It could also involve the use of information technology during the bidding and tendering phases in the construction industry. The rate of which technology is changing at the moment has made it possible for information to be deployed at massive scale in the construction industry. Thus the benefit of application of information within construction industry has benefited the industry beyond expectation.
In the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, the general held belief is that the construction sector has not be willing to adapt to changes that comes with information technology. Nevertheless, the AEC industry has several practical applications that facilitate the technology, outsourcing and exchange of information within the industry, the roles of technology adopted are important to sustain the quality of life (QOL) to mankind [1].

The construction process can be divided into two highly integrated sub-processes which interact with each other at many levels [2]. The information sub process activities always result in information whereas the material sub-process activities produce services of physical objects. This was well illustrated by the figure 1. The diagram helps to understand the complexity of construction industry and at the same time appreciates the usefulness of the information technology in the construction industry.

Figure 1: Bo-Christer Björk

Benefits of using IT applications with a focus in construction projects

Undoubtedly, information technology has had a huge impact in the AEC industry. From advent of computer aided design (CAD) to building information modeling program (BIM) and to more individual sophisticated program like solibri, Tekla BIM structure, Tokosoft among many others. Embedded within CAD technologies are MagiCad, AutoCad, ArchiCad and others.

The above mentioned application provided the construction industry with such great ammunition necessary to perform the task of planning, design and implementation of projects or work during construction projects. Computer aided design (CAD) or drafting is a technology widely used by the AEC industry. CAD is a form of computer-aided building modulation that architects, engineers and contractors use to create and view two-and three-dimensional models. According to Farnaz et. al [3], front-end planning of site layout before commencement of construction is possible with CAD. The article asserted further on the advantages of front end-planning which include minimization of travel time, decrease in time and effort spent on material handling and increased...

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