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Usage Of Propaganda In Totalitarian Governments Versus Democratic Governments

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Propaganda is everywhere any human looks. It is the base of almost every government. But, seeing as how other governments are worse than the American government, it’s worse in other areas of the world. The role of propaganda in a totalitarian government is very important, especially when compared to a democratic type of government, mostly because democracies don’t usually want to control every aspect of life.
Information or ideas that are spread by an organized group or government to influence people's opinions, especially by not giving all the facts or by secretly emphasizing only one way of looking at the facts is what propaganda is (“Cambridge Dictionaries”). So basically, it’s the government making people believe in what they want them to know. These simple truths determine the underlying or governing principles of democratic propaganda.
Some propagandists use name-calling as a way to condemn and reject other races, religions, nations, political parties, or candidates that are running for some position in a political party. To do this, all the propagandist has to do is apply a bad name to the candidate, race, religion, nation, or political party. People, being as gullible as they are, will most likely take the name at face value, and completely trust the propagandist. People will react almost automatically to the bad name, almost as if they have been taught as small children to never trust that race, religion, nation, political party, or candidate ("Propaganda - Good and Bad - for Democracy" para. 5).
Name-calling is the most common propaganda trick. Propagandists will always resort back to name calling because it's easy, and has always been used. But, the 'glittering generalities' trick is almost as common to the name-calling. In using this method, the propagandist uses good names instead of derogative names. The propagandist will use race, religion, nation, political parties, and candidates with good words such as 'truth,' and 'brotherhood.' These words are often more dangerous to the people because they will often find themselves believing in some other policy that makes no sense, than what they actually believe in ("Propaganda - Good and Bad - for Democracy" para. 14).
The Nazis hid their people from the truth. Hitler told his men to just not tell the German people the truth at all. He just wanted them to know what they needed to know and leave out all of the rest. Democratic countries, however, are completely opposite. Democratic countries must present at least some of the truth in their propaganda. Any free person will eventually discover the truth, so democratic countries don’t really think too much of their propaganda. When propaganda has been uncovered, and the people discover that it is distorted or full of lies, it becomes ineffective (“Democratic vs. Enemy Propaganda” para. 5).
The people completely understood democracy. The people used to act together, almost as if they were like an assembly line. The people used to...

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