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If the development of Financial Market in America is like a sturdy adult, I would say the development of Financial Market in China is just like a child. The history of the U.S. financial market was established and has been growing over two centuries. For China, only twenty year has now passed since the financial market was built and growth. The Chinese financial market seems to be immature compared to the U.S. For example, China’s financial market does not have a thorough monitored stock market. The child is just starting to imitate the behavior and follow the step of the adult. However, the child is too young that mistakes always being made. On the other hand, since the child is in his ...view middle of the document...

First of all, I recently graduated from Fisher College of Business of the Ohio State University with honor and acquired a bachelor degree in finance. During my time at Ohio State University, I have taken a wide range of finance specialized courses, such as corporate finance, option and future, risk management. My education makes me proficient in producing financial statements, preparing financial analysis, analyzing risk investment.

In addition to having a background in financial education, I have also gained significant job experiences in the filed of corporate finance that could drive me fit in with MS Finance program perfectly. I am working at Huaxing Machinery Corp. for eight months. Huaxing Machinery Corp. as one of ten largest manufacturers of machinery in China went public at Toronto Stock Exchange in 2008. As a Secretary of CFO and Translator of Huaxing Machinery Corp. in China, I am engaged in making financial statements, preparing financial analysis, establishing annual budget, handling expense reimbursement and dividend, as well as translating documents from Canada. Additionally, in particular, I have been involved in preparing Huangxing Glass Tech for public listing in Qilu equity trading of China in 2013. Huangxing Glass Tech, as one of subsidiary of Huaxing Machinery Corp., was...

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