Use Allusions From The Movie "Devil's Arithmetic", Describes How The Movie Succeeded In The Creation Of The Holocaust. What Techniques They Used, Etc.

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Devil's Arithmetic Equals SuccessTo most of the middle-class Americans, living in a two-story house while driving a luxurious car do not appear to be a tremendous deal. Several decades of untroubled living have shaped us to be unappreciative and uncaring. Habitually people tend to take their possessions for granted. Only when we are resting on the comfortable couch watching television, we realize that at the same moment, people from another part of the world are fighting for their lives yet dying in agony. These images drag us back down to reality and uncover our blinded eyes. The movie Devil's Arithmetic is a cold splash of water that hits us in the face and wakes us up. Kirsten Dunst, who has starred in blockbusters such as Spiderman and Crazy Beautiful, vividly portrays the main character Hannah, a Jewish American girl in the 1990s. She begins as an uncaring high school girl who alienated herself from her loving family and her religion. Then during a Jewish family Passover, she was magically transported back to a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. She witnesses with her own eyes the sufferings experienced by the Jews during that horrible time, thus gaining a stronger perspective of what her people have endured. The movie is powerfully moving and can possible keep the audience reaching for tissues for it ingeniously recreated the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II as the protagonist evolves before the audience's eyes.Robert Avrech, possible one of the greatest screenwriters of our time, sensibly linked the present with the past in Devil's Arithmetic. The movie begins with Hannah in a tattoo parlor considering getting a tattoo with her friends. Ironically, after she was transported back in time, she and the fellow Jewish prisoners were forced to have numbers tattooed on their arms for identification purposes. The unpleasant scene showed the Germans used unsanitary needles injecting ink into the prisoners' skin. Another connection is made between the scrumptious Passover dinner of Hannah's entire family and the supposed celebrations for the same occasion at the concentration camp. On the contrary, the female prisoners only had a piece of stale bread; they passed it around as each took a tiny bite in turn. The most enlightening scene is the one in which Hannah realized that she should have paid more attention to the Holocaust in history class rather than passing notes to her friend; she admitted her stupidity in her epiphany. Consequently comparisons and contrasts of time are what made this movie such a symbolic archetype.One of the unique styles of Devil's Arithmetic is...

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