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9/11/2014 Digital marketing and CIO / CMO relationships | ZDNet 1/4
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Digital marketing and CIO / CMO relationships Summary: Shifts in marketing have had a major impact on IT. Here's what you need to know about digital transformation and changing roles in the C-suite.
By Michael Krigsman for Beyond IT Failure | September 8, 2014 -- 15:41 GMT (08:41 PDT)
Relationships between IT and marketing are a perennial source of interest, analysis, and concern. With the growth of technology budgets inside marketing, the impact on IT and the CIO is undeniable.
Consulting services firm, Avanade, interviewed marketing and IT executives to gain their perspective on how both groups can develop a collaborative perspective ( , and published the results as a report in the form of an ebook. I contributed to the project, providing an overall view on tensions between IT and marketing. It's a topic about which I often write, so here is an adaptation of my comments.
Rise of Digital Marketing Historically, marketing was an exercise in branding and broadcasting. Brands would develop their message and communicate using broadcast mediums such as advertising on television and magazines. Branding meant a tightly controlled series of one-way communications.
Eventually, the Internet enabled large communities of interest, in which consumers could communicate rapidly and form a collective voice that brands could not ignore. Forums, discussion groups, Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels gave consumers the power ( to shape public sentiment and opinion regarding brands. The rise of digital media put consumers in the driver's seat.
Scott Brinker, author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, wrote a great e-book describing the transition ( from traditional to digital marketing.
In addition to the sheer speed of communication, digital media adds a new dimension to marketing: highly accurate data. When a YouTube clip or a blog post goes viral, for example, a brand can measure the impact with greater precision than ever before. The ability to track digital interaction based on data, together with the new empowered consumer, changed marketing from broadcast messaging to customer engagement ( .
Most importantly, accurate data enables marketers to cultivate a relationship with buyers, based on their particular interests. While engagement and relationship are the hallmarks of modern marketing, traditional branding efforts ( relied on:
Top-down, command and control relationships Assumption that customers are a commodity Attempts...

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