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Use Of Alternative Or Holistic Therapies In Cancer Patients

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When first researching, it dawned on me that I should probably see how many people out there are actually using alternative therapies for cancer. According to Yates (1993), “A number of studies have attempted to measure the extent of use of alternative cancer therapies. These studies have reported that anywhere from 10 percent (Daw et al 1977) to over 50 percent (Casselith et al 1984) of people with cancer use alternative therapies” (p. 202). In Yates’ study, he cited that he used the categories of Miller and Howard-Ruben (1983) for dividing alternative therapies into four main groups. He described them to be mechanical devices, drugs and biologic
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Also, income or socioeconomic status may play a big part in whether a person decides to use these types of treatments as well. Age, gender and income are all independent variables while the variables having cancer and use of holistic methods are both dependent variables.

My hypothesis is that age, gender and income are all important factors into whether a person with cancer will choose to use alternative or holistic methods. A null hypothesis would be that age, gender and income do not matter whatsoever on whether a person uses alternative or holistic methods of treatment. I believe that certain ages will have a higher use of alternative treatments than other ages. I also believe that women are probably higher than men in use of these types of treatments. Another hypothesis is that people of higher socioeconomic status or income will use these methods more versus those in a lower socioeconomic status or lower income because of the resources they may have.
Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) data represents the American public’s view and understanding of health communication and use of cancer-related material. The data is used to break barriers and redefine theories for effective health communication. HINTS is public data.

My proposed method of...

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