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Adoption Of Animals Essay

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Adoption of Animals

Anyone, who visits an animal shelter, as I do, sees an extraordinary number of beautiful, affectionate, and desperate dogs and cats. The majority of animals in any particular shelter are dogs, usually adults, for whom there aren't enough adoptive homes waiting. A few may have come from responsible breeders, whose owners do not realize that the breeder will take them back,many are those who are lost, and/or from owners who simply got tired of them. Some are pet shop puppies from a puppy mill that did not meet the owner's expectations due to health, temperament, or other reasons. A large number usually turn out to be the result of deliberate and irresponsible home breeding. These people are known as "back-yard breeders." And that is not a compliment.

The bottom line is that most people who decide to purchase or adopt a companion animal simply do not realize the responsibility they will be taking on for the next one to fifteen (+) years. It is not fair to say that most people do not have good intentions in their decision to acquire a pet, especially those who rescue an unwanted pet from a neighborhood shelter. What is important is that people become educated about the acquisition of a new pet and the responsibilities that accompany the addition. When rescuing an animal from a shelter or humane society, it is required that the owner spays or neuters the pet within thirty days of date of adoption. Usually, a portion of the fees acquired at the time of adoption is used for the spay/neuter surgery. Thomas Shermerhorn,VMD acknowledges that dogs and cats can be spayed quite early (about 8-10 weeks) without the risk of any long-term problems-well before the first heat, which usually happens about six months of age (4).

Almost all non-profit rescue organizations and government agencies do there best to keep pet overpopulation down by requiring that the owner license, register, and spay or neuter their dog or cat within a certain time period. Unfortunately, breeders, pet stores, and many ordinary individuals do not realize that their choice not to spay or neuter their animal is causing millions of animals to be euthanized every year in the United States.Shermerhorn notes that only one in six shelter animals will find a new home (4).

Any consciencious person knows that you do not have to look far to find advertisements for free puppies or kittens,especially in the lower socio-economic areas. Many people decide to have dogs so that they can breed them in order to make a few dollars, fight them, or show their children the "miracle" of birth. It is frightening to imagine that the millions of unwanted animals roaming the streets and occupying shelters are the result of human ignorance, selfishness, and irresponsibility. What is more devastating is that the children of such individuals will continue the same vicious cycle.

Pet rescue organizations continue to do a lot in helping to place existing unwanted, abandoned, and...

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