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Use Of Aseptic Techniques In Hospitals

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This incidence is about doing dressing without using aseptic techniques. This incidence which occurs in SOCIAL SECURITY HOSPITAL on my clinical day in gynecological ward on 27 February 2014. As I selected my patient and started my assessment the dresser enter in room and started dressing of the patient who had cesarean section wound without using aseptic techniques (Hand washing and wearing of gloves) . But the on duty doctor and staff nurses did not give attention to her.
Literature says that Aseptic dressing technique: a technique considered to prevent the introduction of new microbes to a susceptible place as well as reduce the risk of cross-infection. Using good aseptic techniques decrease and control the pathogenic microbes that cause infection. Aseptic techniques or practices directly used before and during clinical procedure they include Hand washing perform surgical scrub maintained the sterilize field (Schrage, J 2004).
The rationale for choosing this incident was due to the negative feelings experienced while observing these situations. My emotions and feeling not worthy and healthy on this incidence because aseptic techniques are very important of wound dressing. The aim of aseptic dressing is save the wound from bacterial detoxification enhance healing and prevent the transfer of microbes to patients. As do dressing without using aseptic techniques may prone the patient to infection.
A surgical dressing change at the bedside, though in a much less controlled atmosphere than the operating room, will still involve thorough hand washing, use of gloves and other protecting apparel, creation of a sterile field, opening and introducing packages and fluids in such a way as to avoid contamination, and persistent avoidance of contact with nonsterile items(...

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