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Use Of Cellular Phones While Driving

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Use of Cellular Phones While Driving

Cellular phone is a wireless and hand-held device that is well known to the public. It is very common to have a cellular phone now a day since cell phone was introduced to the United States in 1983. According to the wireless industryfs trade association, Cellular Communications & Internet Association, there are over 135 million subscribers in the United States at the time of this writing. It estimates that there will be over 200 million cellular phone subscribers in world wide by the year of 2005.

The use of cellular phone has skyrocketed since low-price phones and services plans became widely available to the general public in the recent years. As cellular phone is getting more and more popular among us, the way of how people communicate has been changed quite a bit. This increase of cell phone users has been accompanied by an increase in the number of people talking on the phone concurrently with driving. For instance, according to David Strayer and William Johnston, recent surveys indicate that 85% of cell phone owners use their phone at least occasionally while driving, and 27% report using their phones on half of their trips.

Is it dangerous to talk on a cellular phone when someone is driving? This issue is still being debated all over the world. We all have seen people talking on their cell phone and driving at the same time. Can they really do that talking in the phone and being concentrated on driving? Can a phone conversation be dangerous while driving? There are some governments looking at this safety problem and some of governments even have set some restrictions to use cell phone as driving. According to Tenisha Mercer,
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, was the first municipality in the United States to make it a traffic violation to drive and talk on a cell phone in March 1999. The law allows for a rare exception: when a call is made in the case of an actual emergency. Marlborough Township, New Jersey, also enacted a similar ban during the summer of 2000, according to ZDNet News, an Internet news provider. Other small cities have attempted to enact similar bans, while big the city of Chicago is considering a $25 to $100 fine if a cell phone is found to have contributed to an accident.

Besides the places that are mentioned above, cellular phones have been banned in New York State as the vehicle is in motion. According to some web site information in the internet, the Governor of New York has signed a bill which becomes law on November 1st, 2001, that will outlaw the use of a hand-held cellular phone, only hands-free will be allowed (except for emergencies). There will be a one month grace period where the police will just issue warnings. If someone does get cited, and produces a receipt that they have bought a hands-free kit for the car, the case will be dismissible until April 2002.

In worldwide, the following countries have banned or restricted the use of a cellular...

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