Use Of Computers By Middle School Students Within The Context Of Gender Differences

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The article by Miller, Schweingruber, & Brandenburg (2001) examines the use of computers by middle school students within the context of gender differences. The authors establish through a literature review that in the past there has been an actual or perceived gender divide in computer prowess. While the nature of the survey questions in the study seem to establish that they seek to examine whether this gender gap still exists, no clear research question with defined parameters is stated and the focus of their conclusions and scope of their discussion seems to me to be outside their research context.
Miller et al. conducted survey based research examining several areas: student self-perception of their computer ability and how they acquired that ability, student access to computers, and the purposes for which students use computers. These questions were examined with gender being the independent variable. The authors were especially mindful of the socio-economic factors that may influence access to computers and attempted to mitigate this by employing a stratified cluster sampling technique for participant selection although they do not clearly specify how clustered the participants were (several schools in a district were represented but it is unknown if whole classes from each school were sampled). The authors utilize participation levels in a free/reduced lunch program at the school in order to determine the socio-economic status (SES) of the school; it is not clear if this is accepted practice in US research however, in my own experience, SES data may be skewed if schools are on the border between two economic areas as wealthier students may be inclined to participate in an existing meal program on a convenience basis.
The data offered by Miller et al. (2001) provides an interesting statistic that 80% of the participants in their study have internet access at home and that gender did not play a factor (p. 136). Comparing this to earlier studies which show that families with male children were more likely to have computer access (Campbel, 1989, Levin & Gordon, 1989 as cited in Miller et al., 2001, p 127) we can establish some of the value of the authors research. Adding this information to other survey results suggests that the "gender gap" amongst students at the middle school level...

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