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For almost one billion active users of Facebook, it is known for the biggest and most popular social networking site in the internet world. Through Facebook, users can construct their own profile, invite friends, connect with each other, join a group chat and share different ideas through Facebook status. With the help of Facebook, people can communicate with each other easily, even from opposite sides of the world. In fact, Facebook has lots of features that can be easily accessed by the users to benefit them. Facebook gives an enormous impact to people’s everyday lives. Its popularity is continuously expanding and it can’t refuse how Facebook’s presence becomes essential in people’s life. ...view middle of the document...

In addition, she also stated that Facebook is a site where users can catch a glimpse of each other’s latest picture and listen to their latest activities (De Villiers 173). Facebook became a supplement for people to share and meet new friends. According to Marshall Breeding, a writer from the systems librarian, the website is originally established as a site for college students at Harvard University. In brief history, it has recently burst and established broad interest for students. Facebook has expanded from a network for a few schools in the northeastern U.S to all colleges and universities, to high schools, and is now open to everyone (Breeding 30). In fact, users who are 13 and up can now construct a Facebook profile and start adding friends.
Facebook popularity is all over the world. John Cassidy a researcher who wrote about the benefits of Facebook stated that the, “Facebook was reported to have more than 21 million registered members generating 1.6 billion page views each day” (Ellison 1144). With that big number of users, most of the Facebook users’ population were younger generations, predominantly students. Moreover, students’ maximum used for Facebook is due to communication with friends and family. Some uses Facebook to update people of their daily events in life. In the article from techspotting, Tim Green and Baynard Bailey claim that, “Facebook primary purpose is to connect users.” Through Facebook people can connect with one another through the Internet. Users can make their profile, add their pictures and customize it. It is a tool that can be used to add friends and create new ones (Academic Uses of Facebook). Facebook chat lets users communicate with each other to build that certain connection that Facebook friends should have. Communication is the main purpose of Facebook, to build connection for every active users.
Communication is the main reason why people participated in Facebook. Users used Facebook to maintain communication between themselves and their families. If the user is a student, the communication is between them and their classmates. In addition, Facebook communication is absolutely important considering that it makes easier for people to communicate with others. Regarding to the importance of communication, a writer named Selami Aydin accomplish a research about Facebook as an academic environment. She stated that in reality the communicative interactions between students and their family were important reasons for student’s participation in Facebook (Aydin 1094). Students communicate with their family for different reasons. Through this communication, a user can improve their connection with a certain person. Moreover, Facebook is known as a knowledge-sharing network where users can share different ideas for everyone. Facebook improves communication skills as it fosters connections and encourages users to reach out and build relationships with other users. In an academic environment,...

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