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Use Of Headphones Can Cause Hearing Problems For Teenagers

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Headphones are duos of small loudspeakers held close to an operator’s ears and associated with a signal source such as a radio, CD player, mp3 player or iPod. Teenagers/Individuals whom expose themselves to excessive sounds via headphones for a long time can damage their hearing/ear. There are plenty benefits and limitations of science in creating the technology [music players] for people’s usage of earphones such as volume limits and etc. Different headphone types, genres of music, music players and etc. vary to have different effects on individuals. Science and technology is responsible for the impacts the usage of headphones have on the environmental, social and economic factors of our lives.
Teenagers using iPods and mp3 players for the next 40 years [long term exposure] will damage their hearing, sometimes so severely that it can induce deafness. Not only that, but they are in greater danger than adults because their hearing is intensely sensitive. Only an insufficient number of people are realizing the damage occurring to their hearing by listening to an mp3 player or iPod through earphones at a high volume for an hour every day because it occurs unintentionally. To understand the degree at how damaging are headphones to our hearing overtime, a current study by scientists established that using earphones and playing loud music almost every day for five years may cause enduring and irreparable hearing problems. Therefore, limits of science in creating the technology [music players] for people’s usage of earphones led to modern regulations restricting the maximum noise output of mp3 players and iPods to 100 decibels; however listening to music at 89 decibels frequently is still treacherous (Can Earphones Damage Your Hearing? - Ear Help.) This is controlled by an Automatic Volume Limiter System that is enabled through software’s using headphones to limit the maximum volume level (AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System).) Noise-cancelling headphones have microphones on the outside and reproduce the sounds waves on the inside so the two waves cancel (James pra. 1.) Science benefits in the creation of this technology [music players] for people’s usage of earphones by making it so it inhibits other people from hearing the sound either for privacy or disturbance purposes. Listening to MP3 players via headphones also offer a sound level greater than loudspeaker players such as radios that’s cost is similar (News pra. 1.) Alongside, the mp3 players nowadays may store pictures, videos, and music of your choice. File sharing is easier and they weigh much lighter than such of loudspeaker products (Mathers pra. 2.) Listening to mp3 players through earphones on the uppermost volume for 5 hours results in a receiving of a dose of noise that is more than that allowed. The higher the decibel [measurement] of a sound, the greater its intensity and the amplitude of its wave. When the amplitude of a wave is too high, damage occurs to the ear drum, hair cells...

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