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Use Of Language By Annie Dillard, Jon Krakauer And Tim O’brien

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In her essay, “The Wreck of Time,” Annie Dillard explains the significance of an individual and how a person determines the significance of the self. Dillard analyzes the points where the human race becomes insignificant and the importance of the population becomes questionable throughout the history. She is trying to evoke the reader to question his/her vitality in the world. Tim O’Brien illustrates the element of a true war story and what makes a war story true in his work, “How to Tell a True War Story.” A soldier’s war story will not be the exact story of a war but it is a collection of how the soldier perceives each war experiences. O’Brien illustrates how remarkable experiences are chosen by the soldier. In his novel, “Into the Wild,” Jon Krakauer analyzes Chris McCandless’s journey to Alaska and the purpose of this journey. McCandless could have searched for his own self by staying in the social world where he lived, nevertheless disconnects all his links with the external world and tries to discover himself. McCandless tried to stand out from the stereotypical people and make him a bit more significant. All three authors use various language techniques to make their argument. A text’s tone, syntax and diction strengthen the language of the text. Dillard poses numerous questions to readers. These questions can stimulate emotion that is similar to the one that is portrayed in the text. O’Brien uses stories with different plots and expresses his ideas. Different plots make readers think in various angles. Krakauer analyzes his thoughts about McCandless and reevaluate the misconception he had about McCandless. Since Krakauer uses voices of multiple individuals, readers will be exposed to different views. All three authors try to portray the emotions in their situations and show a path for the reader to reflect his/her thoughts. These authors utilize the language in a way that allows the reader to understand the emotions portrayed in the text as well as to reflect their own thoughts.

Authors often use contradictory views in their text to fortify their arguments. These contradictory views show the strength of the argument as well as how the main argument answers all the contradictory views. A reader can choose his view of argument by seeing the multiple views presented in the text. Dillard uses many comparisons throughout her essay. In one instance, she compares human kind with waves and she further explains “We see generations of waves rise from the sea that made them, billions of individuals at a time; we see them dwindle and vanish. If this does not astound you, what will? Or what will move you pity?” (171). First half of this quote makes the readers think that Dillard is explaining about the insignificancy of the people. Dillard uses some negative terms like “dwindle” and “vanish”. These words create a negative connotation to the readers that the author is disparaging them.
However, she uses two rhetorical questions to create a...

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