Use Of Language The Sexual And Textual

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By the end of this section of the novel, Humbert seems to have abandoned his already weak assurance to ethics. His preoccupation leads him to believe that he can fulfill all of Lolita’s needs and keep her from needing anyone else besides him. This belief signifies one of Humbert’s many misconceptions about Lolita; for example he remains remarkably indifferent to her feelings, attributing her hostility towards bad moods rather than sincere heartache from her mother’s death or open revulsion towards the sexual act. Humbert sees only his own nymphet, not the real thirteen-year-old Lolita.
Humbert and Lolita begin their travels across the United States, and Humbert describes in detail the many typically American motels and hotels they stay in. Describing Lolita as a child driven by whims, HH indulges most of her desires, except when she wants to mingle with other tourists, he rarely allows her to mix others except on occasion with girls her own age. He realizes must secure Lolita in order to continue in this pedophilia manner and to keep her from complaining. He stresses to Lolita that she has no one else but him; if she accuses him of rape (like she has), she’ll end up at a state-run reformatory school. HH continues to distract her with new places and gifts. Humbert claims that he tried everything to show Lolita a good time but admits that he was mainly concerned with keeping the affair secret and keeping Lolita happy enough to have sex with him. He states that he is very happy, but Lolita continually hurts him with her unresponsiveness and her desire to meet other people. Humbert has now crossed over into a world without any internal or external moral boundaries. Humbert remains outside society’s regulations and manages to convince most people that he is merely an overprotective father. Before their first sexual encounter, Humbert’s dreams were limited to drugging and fondling Lolita, stopping short of actually having sex with her. Humbert’s desires have consumed him, through desperation to keeping Lolita to himself, terrorizes Lolita into staying with him by threatening her with reform school, then attempts to console her with bribery, a tactic he knows is demeaning Lolita’s morals. Indeed, as the novel continues, Lolita sees their relationship as a progressively financial one. Even though Humbert hears Lolita’s sobs at night, and though they cause him pain, they don’t prompt him to reevaluate his plans for her. He remains convinced that he can make Lolita happy and still keep their sexual relationship intact.
Humbert is able to keep their relationship sexual, but as he writes this novel, he is able to textualize their relationship. Humbert visits Lolita’s classroom, after they settle in the town of Beardsley, and pays her sixty-five cents to unnoticeably put her hands down his pants. The scene symbolizes yet another moment where Humbert passes a moral verge in his actions; growing reckless, not only bringing their sexual relationship into a...

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