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Use Of Propaganda On American Citizens During World War I

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Propaganda was used by the government as a Mean to accomplish all their major objectives during the war. Propaganda played a very significant part in winning over the citizens of the Unites States of America in the First World War. This propaganda helped gain support for the war, and also created a high morale of the people. Although this is the definition of propaganda, the real question is how valuable really was this propaganda in influencing the views of Americans? The answer is very useful, and looking at propaganda used throughout this major world war you’ll notice its value.
The reason why this propaganda was so successful throughout the war was simple; there were more then one type of propaganda. Some of which were through wars songs, poetry, advertisements, posters, editorial cartoons, speeches, and movie stills. Many different forms were needed because the war effort was a national cause and needed to be promoted wherever people looked to become involved. A large percent of the population of the United States did not read newspapers. This is why posters were important in persuading people and like advertising, propaganda targeted specific audiences such as women, young men, and African Americans. With all the different types of propaganda, and how it came to the liking of many different types of people, the belief that war was a good thing spread like an pandemic around America.
Propaganda was the government’s ideas that they wanted to put in the head of its citizens. One of such these ideas was the thought of getting people to join and fight in the army. An example of this propaganda to recruit many people into the army was the famous Uncle Sam poster. This poster was very influential and caused many Americans to join the Army to maintain the war effort. On the poster it included Uncle Sam pointing and it said “I Want You For The U.S. Army Nearest Recruiting Station.” (Pg. 135) This was so successful that the photo is (even today) still used as an advertisement.
Another way this propaganda was very useful was that it targeted specific groups of people such as African Americans. An example of this type of propaganda can be seen in the poster “Colored Man Is No Slacker”. This photo depicts an African American man, and an African American woman holding each other as the man goes off to war. (Pg. 143) As an African American seeing this poster hanging around the town, it would make them consider that if they go out to war people would not think of them as loafers and they would be behind their country. This poster was very successful in brining African Americans into the war effort. Without posters like these, many African Americans would have not volunteered their services to the war, which is why propaganda during World War 1 was so effective.
Getting all different types of citizens to join the war wasn’t the only way propaganda was used. It was...

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