Use Of Psychological Intelligence To Determine Employee Productive Capacity Psychology Project

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We live in a business world whereby every decision concerning an element in the organization counts in the overall performance of the business. The need for competitive advantage has warranted critical analysis and consideration of such significant elements of organizational performance like a human resource. It is crucial for an organization to have the right employees who match their job description so as to ensure optimal contributions from each unit (Harris, 2009). However, it is impossible to learn the total qualification aspects of an applicant just by interviewing them so as to establish their worth to the company.
I have been in the human resource environment for a long time and through exposure to various recruitment processes and human resource planning initiatives, I have developed an understanding of the human psychology. Such an understanding gives me the ability to identify valuable employee qualities while sitting across them in a table and using this booklet I hope to share as much as I can. All that is needed is an insight of how to use psychological intelligence to determine employee productive capacity. This information booklet is a comprehensive analysis of psychological intelligence. Here you will be able to understand the concept of intelligence from a historical and theoretical background and also learn how to test it. The information booklet further goes on to explore various approaches used in testing intelligence as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The booklet ends by listing the ethical considerations associated with the psychological measurement of intelligence followed by a short conclusion.

What is a Human Resources(HR) consultant and what do they do?
Human resources consultants are accountable for communication between employees and administration in big businesses or companies. They are responsible for hiring or recruiting the best candidate for a specific job and once doing so getting them all the required training and development to be able to successfully complete the job. Keeping the employees happy and healthy for the remainder of the time they work for the company is also a really important part of a HR consultants job because happy, healthy workers are much more productive and incur lower health care and insurance costs. HR consultants have to; make sure the company are following federal and state safety regulations, help improve workplace security practices, put in place wellness programs and review workers’ compensation claims. All these things help to keep the insurance costs down on employees. The idea of a Human Resources consultant is to get the most out of all of your employees by keeping a safe, healthy environment for them to work in. This means money is also saved on employment because you can cut down on the amount of people you employ by getting that little bit extra from your current employees.

Intelligence has many forms and definitions. ...

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