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Use Of Symbols In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Many great authors use symbolism numerous of time in their stories. A symbol is a noun or word that represents a different idea. An author displays the symbols as a hit rather than blurting it out. Symbols are not only used in novels or poems, they are also used in everyday use. For an example, the American flag has fifty stars on it which each star represents a state. On the other hand, the thirteen stripes plays the part of our thirteen colonies; the beginning of our country. Even with our high school, a tiger pawl represents us as a fighting tiger that will strive to do what’s right, and to show our strength against our greatest rivals.
In the short story “The Lottery” there was a village that practice an ancient sacrificial killing for something in return from the gods. In this case, what the villagers received in return were well grown crops for food. The whole village would gather up once a year to have a traditional sacrifice they called The Lottery. The villagers would have their kids choose out stones for the village. Once they are all together with the stones collected, they have a member from each family to choose a white paper from a black box. After a family is chosen, the members within the family have to be chosen to be the sacrifice for the village. The way that knew that they were chosen was a black dot in the middle of the paper. The chosen one well be stoned to death by everyone in the village; yes even the children.

In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, she uses a manifold of symbol to represent an idea and to have a deeper meaning to each noun in the story. Some of the nouns she’s put in the short story are the characters and also objects.
One of the main characters is Mr. Graves, which he plays a part of “symbolizes the sacrificial killing being caused by the lottery”. (The Lottery- Names) It’s pretty ironic that his name is Graves and the definition of a grave is a placement of a dead body; typically a hole underground and marked by a tombstone. Another symbol that he represents is power. “Mr. Graves has many more villagers behind him sharing his views” (The Lottery- Names). Relating to death I’m sure more villagers will be on his side than any other character in the short story.
One of the leaders and main character is Mr. Summers. Even this character is pretty ironic; that his name is the season that the lottery takes place. Like it mentions in her short story “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” (Shirley Jackson1995) The month of June is in the summer. He is also know for the growing of life “summer is a season of the year. It is the season of life” (The Lottery- Names) He is the life to the community. He is the one responsible and manages the lottery, so they can have a full healthy harvest not only for the season but the villagers also.

One of the last main characters I’m...

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