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Many things, both good and bad, blossom from time spent on the internet and regularly using technology. There are many different things that can be done on the internet or with the assistance of technology. We have gained information about many of these including behaviors associated with email, how technology can enhance learning when focused on academic improvement, how to use our literacy skills to evaluate websites and their credentials, why the popular source Wikipedia may not be the best choice for citation, and an introduction in to the world of virtual field trips. Due to the ever rising popularity of the internet and the daily use of technology, all of this information is useful to know when entering into the field of education.
Schools all across the nation are trying to do exactly what the Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina has succeeded in – leveling the playing field for students to increase overall learning. Their success story with this is the reason for them to be in the spotlight for the featured article. Everyone is aware that we are in the age of technology. Every day, millions of people are using technology for work, school, or simply a way of relaxation. Knowing this, as future teachers, we need to be aware that just because the internet and the use of technology is a common way of completed tasks, not everyone is fortunate enough to have the same amount of access as others. There are families out there that still, in the year 2014, do not have a computer to call their own. Many teachers assign projects and papers that call for the students to do some form of research online and might not think twice about the possibility of a student in their class having no computer or internet at home to use. The program that MGSD involved their students in sets a perfect example of how we can help those students with the technological set backs they may have to face. Providing students with their own computer to use for school work stops the unseen and unfair division that lies between students with the needed technology and those who are without it. The positive change this district saw in their academics should be the only needed reason for a school district to look into a program of this type. Leveling the playing field when it comes to academic resources so that everyone has a fair and equal chance at what is expected to be accomplished is the first step to increasing what is achieved by the students. As future educators, we will be entering schools at a high point of technology and this article makes us think about how we can provide for our students in our future classrooms. Having this success story is exactly the reason why this articled needed to be featured. Hopefully many other schools will look into a similar program and see an academic victory in this.
Many ideas discussed in this packet were interesting and informational. One idea, for example, is the concept of virtual field trips. ...

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