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The videos clearly showed the audience an intense devotion of the Japanese to both their Emperor and country. The atomic bomb was the United States’ way of “saving” Japan from its own self. Although it was brutal and violent, it was justified. Only four years before, the Japanese had brutally bombed the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor with no regard for human life. Both military personal and civilians were killed on that day. The United States dropped the weapon to stop Japan’s reign of terror on themselves and the rest of the world. If the United States had decided to invade instead of dropping the Atomic Weapon the war would have turned out a lot different. Dropping the Atomic weapon gave the United States a chance to start over new with Japan, the land was demolished to the ground and the city could be rebuilt from the bottom up. On the other hand, if an invasion had taken place possibly hundreds of thousands of lives would have been lost and rebuilding the city would have been more complicated. Sometimes it does take force to be able to re-establish a society in a more civilized way.
Dropping the Atomic Bomb was much more devastating than most bombings before. For instance, the bombings in Tokyo. Counted that the bombings in Tokyo killed many people, the dropping of the Atomic Bomb created much more devastation among the country as a whole. Not only did it decimate the land around the two drop sites, it spread radiation all around Japan. The weapon killed many on impact but severely affected the lives of many others for the decades to come causing defects and kinds of cancer. As for the bombings in Tokyo, it was more centralized around that one area instead of spreading across the whole country. In accordance, during World War II it was apparent that we were much less concerned for civilian lives in Japan than in Europe. Non-strategic bombing was used often to capture groups of islands slowly as U.S soldiers proceeded through the Pacific front. When we were capturing the island soldiers were much less concerned about civilian lives and more focused on capturing the islands and stopping the Japanese...

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