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Use Of Video Games As Learning Tool In Schools

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Topic: Use of Video Games as learning tool in schools
General Purpose: To argue
Specific Purpose: To argue that video games should be used as learning tool in schools
Thesis Statement: Video games should be use as tool of skills development in schools because, (1) they will increase the interest of students in their course; (2) they will help to advance more learning aspects in students as compared to other means (3) they greatly appeal to students of all ages.
I. In my school, former and typical educational tools were used. As there was no such concept of use of technology in the education system so it followed the traditional pattern of learning.
A. In my school days, ...view middle of the document...

3. The term educational video games become mainstream as they play interactive role to teach students the goals, rules, adaptation and problem solving not only in class rooms but also in their practical life. (Keesee, 2012)
III. I have learned many skills video games that I may not have learned otherwise.
A. Video games have enhanced my mental skills and increased my interest in exploring other types of technology used in educational system.
B. The created effect of video games helped me to enhance my practical skills to discover my talent path in the Information and Technology.
IV. Video games should be use as tool of skills development in schools because of the three main reasons.
A. First, they will increase the interest of students in their course.
B. Next, they will help to advance more learning aspects in students as compared to other means
C. Finally, despite of all the critics, video games are equally attractive to students of all ages.
Transition: We should use video games as a skill development tool in the class rooms. Let us start with the best key-feature to support this reading source, which is outlined below as my first argument.
I. Video games as part of education system provides critical development and analytical skills that will be greatly helpful for the students throughout their life.
1. The video games should be used as tool of skills development in educational patterns of school because it will increases the interest of students in their course, it will advance more practical skills in students as compared to books and video games greatly appeals to students of all ages. (Meixsell, 2012)
2. They ensure practice in important skills like concentration towards the problem solving, coordination in the use of hand and mind simultaneously and the most important one is the “immediate response to solve the problem”.
3. Finally, students are exposed to expose new resources as, under a research study published on the Daily Tech website; those kids who were fond of video games were given some puzzles or unusual problems to solve. A number of students solved these very quickly. (Raise Smart Kid, 2001)
Video games should be used as an alternate source of learning in schools because they facilitates students as a source of concentration building towards the given problem or strategy. There is also a second reason why video games should be used as educational tool in the schools.
II. Video games greatly helps in the development of practical skills as it teaches the students the value of trial-error based learning in finding several solutions to a particular problem.
A. This practice can be accorded as a skill that can benefit them for life.
1. Those kids who are able to pay attention to a sequence of events in a video game are more likely to use the same skills or the learned techniques in their real lives.
2. It is important to include the analysis of John L. Sherry who is an assistant professor in Michigan...

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