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User Driven Techniques Essay

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(A) User-driven techniques

From Figure 8, some descriptions of the techniques are follows:

1) Search engine – this technique is related with personalized Web searches and can be classified in three sub-categories :
a) Menu selection – the interaction of user with a WPS is directly through menu that stated pre-defined options. For example in online shopping site where user select a product from finite list.
b) Attribute search – contents recommendations delivered to a user based on syntactic of the products such as prices or features.
c) Keyword search – a user searching products via freeform search for example finding a specific book title in online bookshop such as Based on ‘keyword’, lists of book recommended to a user.
2) Architectural – a technique that allows users to display their content in personalized Website such as favorite news, sports and other contents via tab, windows popup and specific column in a Website. For example, some Websites with a concept of “MyPage” such as MyMsn (, and Netvibes ( allow registered users to build their personalized Website. A selection contents, theme or news are saved and users will have it in the next visit.

3) Survey /questionnaires – This technique is easiest to deliver personalized content for a user regarding to storage and computational times. It drives from user preferences which acquired from users through online questionnaires. For example, users fill out the questionnaires and based on predefined rules for selecting the actual preferences. A list of products display in the content to a user according to their interests.

4) Tag – the personalized contents delivered to a user according to the ‘tag’ that they input into articles, videos or products listing. This technique is applicable to personalized Website that heavily access to uploading and online stream videos, news, and social network Website. Tagging has proven to be an intuitive and flexible of Website content, particularly in Web 2.0 to facilitate search, navigation, and recommendations. For example, in online stream videos Website such as ustream (, a user will be recommended with a listing of videos after tagging their videos, which has a same ontology tagging (e.g. the Web, family or animals).

(B) Business-driven techniques
Furthermore, Web...

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