Customers & Shareholders: An Examination Of Mc Donald’s Performance Towards Health Issues.

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Customers and shareholders: An examination of McDonald's performance towards health issues.McDonald is one of the largest fast food company in the world, it serve approximately 45 million customers daily (Feldstein, M. J. 2001) and operates over 31,000 fast food restaurants worldwide in more than 119 countries (McDonalds. 2006). It also employs more than 1.5 million people around the world (McDonalds, 2006). With the increase in affluence, education and awareness, society's expectation towards businesses rose. The growing expectation towards businesses performance increased the gap between the actual social performance of businesses and the desired performance from society. This can be seen as an implicit social contract between society and businesses. McDonalds being a very big organization with a lot of influence has a lot of social responsibilities further than political or legal performance. The essay will be looking at the social performance of McDonalds towards two important stakeholders; customers and shareholders and how McDonalds is implicated with the health issues. Being aware that the company has much more stakeholders and issues the report will not be focusing on these as they are beyond the scope of the essay.McDonald's most important products are mainly fried in vegetable oil (McDonalds. 2009) which contains a lot of trans fat which are not essential for the body (Wikipedia contributors. 2010). Trans fat promote coronary heart diseases by increasing the level of bad cholesterol and decreasing the level of good cholesterol (Healthcastle nutrition Inc. 2010). While McDonalds did advertise on the change of oil and reduction of trans fat in their fried products in 2002, they did not do so by 2003 and did not mention to the public about their operational issues which caused them to cancel the oil change (Trans fat cause more problem for McDonalds n.d). Due to the lack of information several customers bought fried products from McDonalds thinking that they were eating the healthier oil but it wasn't the truth. The backfire of McDonalds concealing information was that they had to notice effectively the public and spend up to $1.5 millions in publishing the information. They also gave $7 million to American Heart association (Trans fat cause more problem for McDonalds n.d). Even though shareholders did make profit from customers who thought they were purchasing products made from healthier oil they ended up investing a lot in publishing the information and in donations. This caused McDonalds to have a bad image towards customers who were uninformed of the cancellation of oil change.Moreover McDonalds offers supersized meals which consist of large French fries and large soft drinks. It started in the 1990's when David Wallerstein found that customers would buy more for more up front instead of trying to make them buy more than one which made them feel greedy (Wikipedia contributors. 2010). Quickly, supersized meal became very popular and...

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