Uses And Effects Of Heroine Essay

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Heroin is a powerful and dangerous drug that can alter both your brain and vital organs, which can influence our mental health and our human behavior. It’s the second largest death producing drug besides cocaine, it affects over 650,000 addicts in the United States alone.The creation of Heroin starts from a Asian poppy plant, specifically, Papaver Somniferum. The latex that immature pods secrete when cut are created into morphine, which is then treated and created into Heroin or Diacetylmorphine. (Pamphlet)
During its first uses, the opium, which is derived from the latex that immature pods secrete when cut, was used to treat diarrhea and headaches. These uses stretch back to around 3400 B.C. and was first used in Mesopotamia, then spread rapidly to the Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, and then the Egyptians. The Opium became an important factor in the Egyptian trade; so much that it spread into Greece, Carthage, India, Persia, and China. Overtime the problem increased as its recreational use skyrocketed, making it such an issue China banned it and it caused two wars, named the Opium Wars; between Britain and China dealing with the trade of Opium on Chinese territory.
When first introduced to the world, Heroin was made as a non-addictive substitute to morphine, which proved to be the opposite of the intended cause. (Deeney) Used as a cough suppressant and the non-addictive substitute, it was first tested on dogs and rabbits. Causing slower respiratory action slowing, and heart function was diminished and almost seen as abnormal due to the heartbeat. Heroin was seen to be much more addictive than Morphine itself. This caused the government to control the sale and distribution, making it illegal outside of the government's knowledge. (Deeney)
Effectiveness varies on the purity of the product and route of administration. Unfortunately, the purity is much higher now in street product than it was before. Snorting heroin is the slowest and least effective route of administration, and injection is the fastest and most effective route of administration. Although injection can lead to infections, especially in the area that is being used for administration. (Michaels House) Although, all forms of administration are harmful, injection is the highest risk. From injection site infections and the additives that will never fully dissolve in your system, you put your cardiovascular system in danger. Your heart valves and the arteries near your heart can become clogged from the additives, which can contain poisons and leave your systems more vulnerable to infection and disease.
Reuse of syringes is one of the largest causes of infection, especially when used by a number of people. The rate that a needle decays and becomes unusable is well after the first use. A used syringe can hold enough bacteria and foreign objects to transfer multiple diseases including HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C. Leaving many of the users with a higher chance of contracting...

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