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In the world of business, and information technologies a variety of tasks can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. Of the many ways that a task can be accomplished normally one way is more appropriate or efficient when dealing with specific tasks goals in mind. It is up to the IT personal to find what is the most effective ways to deal with the organization and tracking information as well as the best way to input information, retrieved, reproduced, and storedAll computer users are familiar with the two main computer input devices the keyboard and mouse, but more specific devices are used to accomplish tasks in business. the following are a few examples of specialty needs and the input devices that best fill those needs.•Printed questionnaires - Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanners are used to read specially printed and designed documents and can read up to 3000 sheets per hour (Manchester Computing).•Telephone surveys - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) computer controlled the questionnaires and responses are entered with no gaps data. Since the computer is used the data analysis can start immediately (Sawtooth).•Bank checks - Check readers quickly read check information and can verify the information with guarantee of check conversions services to reduce risk from fraud (Bank of America).•Retail tags - "Bar code readers are a simple and inexpensive method of encoding text information that is easily read by inexpensive electronic readers. Bar coding also allows data to be collected rapidly and with extreme accuracy" (Taltech).•Long documents - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) soft wear allows the user to convert an image of text into an editable format (HP).As with input output can vary with the task at hand here are a few of the different uses of output and what the best ways to get the information.•Hand held computer - The screen is the most common source for handhelds since the information is normally intended for the user only.•Color photographs - Using name brand photo paper and a thermal printer photos can be printed that do not smudge and outlast ink-based photos (Ring surf).•Resume - When printing a resume it is important to use a quality paper and a laser printer in order to achieve a professional appearance (7).•Memorandum -•Statistical report -•Company annual report - Using an outside printing service can save the company money while ensuring high print quality for the large number of documents that are needed. (McRay).The next...

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