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Usf Transfer Admissions Essay

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Growing up in a single parent household was always a struggle. Especially when the one person you relied on for most things spent the majority of the money on drugs. I spent my childhood being the adult, growing up too fast, keeping everything together because if I didn't it would simply fall apart. I raised a brother who was only two years younger than me. I got a job my freshmen year of high school, and although I got into my fair amount of problems with credits in school I managed to make them up and graduate. Life wasn't easy, until this day it's hard, a lot harder then some people can understand. I've been the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the lover, and yet I haven't ...view middle of the document...

Which is why I chose English Education as my major. The moment I began my field experience was the moment I knew that I was meant to be a teacher and change children's lives the way mine had been changed by those four women. I knew if I could reach just one child after I became a teacher then everything would be worth it.
My first day in Mrs. Robinson's 3rd grade class was nerve wrecking to say the least. I hadn't considered 3rd grade as a year i'd want to teach. However, the curiosity of the young students and their enthusiasm changed something in me. They were so full of life and dreams. During their down time I asked a couple students what they wanted to be when they grew up and I couldn't believe their responses. Some wanted to be race car drivers, others wanted to be doctors. But the problem I found as I sat through several classes was how difficult 3rd grade seemed to have gotten. They were learning math equations I hadn't learned until my first year of Jr. high school.
When I pulled Mrs. Robinson aside I asked her how well the students had been doing with such an advanced level of math and not to my surprise they hadn't been doing at all. A part of me felt torn about how little the children understood about the subject and the other wished their was something I could do to help them more. I assisted them on their assignments, I helped them learn tricks to remembering their time tables but at the end of the day it's more then just helping and teaching them as a teacher; studying and parents play a very important role in...

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