Using A Movie Describe Maslow's Hierarchy Psychology Essay

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Brittany Eubanks
16 March 2016
The movie Cast Away is about a man who works for FedEx and got on a plane to deliver packages but it crashed in the middle of the ocean. He was them the only one who made it to land, which was a small island. His family and girlfriend all thought he had died in the crash because they couldn’t find him. The first few days he just tried to find a way to get help and tried to find food. Packages from the plane keep rolling on to the shore so he just started to gather them and open most of them. In one of the packages he found was a volleyball. Due to him not having anyone to talk to but himself, he drew a face on the ball with his blood. That became his best friend while trapped on the island. He became really small from lack of food and clean water. He became really smart with finding place for his self to sleep and he eventually start to collect stuff to make a raft. He finally out together the raft and went out in the ocean to find help, he ended up loosing the ball while out there which really upset him. After being out there for a while a big boat came by and found him.  They took him back home so everyone could see him but when he got back his girlfriend ended up married because he was gone for years. 
The first level of Maslow’s hierarchy is you physical needs. When he first arrived he had a lack of water which is something you need to live. So after a while he found coconuts he could get water out of. He eventually became hungry and...

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