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Using A Range Of Theories From Across The Hr143 Syllabus Compare And Contrast Two Organizations Of Your Choice From Either The Public Or Private Sectors.

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IntroductionIn this report I am going to apply different theories from across the HR143 syllabus to compare and contrast Marks and Spencer's and Nestle. I am going to compare how the two organizations exercise motivational aspects, their organizational cultures and their organizational structures.Motivation within Marks and Spencer'sMarks and Spencer's exercise a very effective motivational policy via their very successful human resources department. The core of their motivational structure comes from Maslow's hierarchy of needs. They aim to satisfy all of the needs of their employees and believe this will enable the company to receive the best performance from the employees which will ultimately benefit the company through increased productivity, which would potentially lead to increased profits. Basic needs at the bottom of the hierarchy are satisfied by having a warm, pleasant working environment, pay and a cafeteria to meet the hunger and thirst needs. The next level of the hierarchy is safety. Safe working conditions are provided by marks and Spencer's that meet all legal law requirements. Job security is provided and the employees know that the better they perform, the safer their long-term future within the organization is going to be. Numerous company benefits are provided by Marks and Spencer's which offer both safety in financial aspects such as pension schemes, paid maternity and paternity leave, employee discount within all of their stores to encourage brand loyalty, and many other motivating factors such as team building exercises, promotion opportunities and investment opportunities such as offers of shares that become available. Social needs are met and encouraged by team building exercises, and teamwork is encouraged throughout the organization. This helps provide a friendly atmosphere throughout the workplace. Esteem needs are met by the recognition of achievements by senior management to ensure that credit is always given where credit is due. This keeps employees motivated and gives them a high level of job satisfaction and gives them incentives to fulfill their potential and achieve great things. The top of the hierarchy is the self-actualization needs. This is about the development and realization of a persons full potential. Marks and Spencer's allows this need to be met by offering career enhancement and promotion opportunities, a challenging role for employees, achievement in work and pushing employees to fulfil their potential. Marks and Spencer's believe that self-actualization is a very important factor and will increase efficiency within the organization. To conclude, Marks and Spencer's main sources of motivation come from offering the employees benefits and incentives and satisfying their needs to ensure that the environment in which they work is perfect in order to gain the best performance from them.Motivation within Nestle.Nestle believes that its culture, which contributes to a stimulating working environment, is...

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