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Using Alternative Energy Sources In The United States

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Paul Foley
Mr. Crosson
College Composition
March 31, 2014
Using Alternative Energy Sources in the U.S.
The United States has many directions to choose from in the oncoming future of energy. “Options for the world's energy future may include surprises, thanks to innovative research under way around the world” (LePoire 1). History has shown that surprises can change generations . Since the mid 1900’s, experts have been conducting research on the way our nation has been using energy. The United States have relied on other countries to gain knowledge with their energy sources. China is one huge partner that helps them out a lot. They have experimented with many different alternative energy sources and have given the U.S lots of helpful information for improving our energy demands. Even though we already meet most of our energy requirements, we still look into improving it everyday to improve our way of living. Despite its ability to be supplied with other nations to be supplied with other nations, the U.S. must invest in alternative power sources if it is to meet the energy demands of the 21st century.
The United States relies mainly on other nations to receive there alternative energy source. An alternative energy source is energy that is solar, wind or nuclear energy that can replace fossil fuel sources such as coal, oil or natural gas (Alternative Energy 1). The United States is very close to China with making decisions. China is one of our biggest competitors with energy (Using Alternative Energy 1). China has experimented with many alternative ways of using energy within the world. One major energy source that is used a lot is coal. Coal generates around 44 % of energy but tends to be a big air polluter. Although coal mines seem like a brilliant idea, it causes many bad things. It causes global warming, acid rain, smog, and toxic air emissions (Environmental impacts of coal power:air pollution 1). Coal mines are the leading cause to CO2. The mine generates around 3 million tons of CO2 a year according to the article Environmental impacts of coal power:air pollution. By using coal, they supplied mostly to transporting goods and mining. Coal plants have been a big impact in China that has grown to the U.S. over the years. In spite of that, coal plants are going to start closing. In an article from, Gideon Gil, from the New York Times, states that there have been 138 coal plants that have closed since 2011, and he is looking at another 150 to be closing in the near future. One of China’s largest investors, CLP Industries, are no longer using coal plants anymore. They announced they will now go nuclear. In other words, nuclear energy causes as much harm as coal does even though coal is cheaper. Having the coal running business, there are about 134,000 blue collar jobs that are related to coal. Some of those jobs are mining, transportation and power plant jobs (Facts About Coal 1). According to the...

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