Using Chapter Thirty Three Of Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen, As A Starting Point, Discuss How Important The Relationship Between Jane And Bingley Is To The Novel As A Whole

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Within the novel, Austen has used Jane and Mr. Bingley as the subplot to the book. Austen shows how Jane and Mr. Bingley need to get together before Elizabeth and Darcy could.In chapter thirty three we see how Lizzy is speaking to Colonel Fitzwilliam. We see how he discusses with her how Mr. Darcy is in fact heroic because he saved a close friend from a bad marriage."...he congratulated himself on having lately saved a friend fromthe inconveniences of a most imprudent marriage, but without mentioningnames or any other particulars, and I only suspected it to be Bingley frombelieving him the kind of young man to get into a scrape of that sort..."This quote shows irony because Colonel Fitzwilliam doesn't realise that he is discusses Jane, Elizabeth's sister. Colonel Fitzwilliam let Lizzy hear about how Mr. Darcy halted their marriage, without realising how well Lizzy knew Jane. This chapter gives Austen the opening for Mr. Darcy to explain himself and why he stopped the marriage of Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet. The chapter also fuels Lizzy's resentment towards Darcy and makes Lizzy even more aware of her strong feelings against Mr. Darcy."Elizabeth made no answer, and walked on,her heart swelling with indignation."This shows us how annoyed and how Lizzy had a lot of fury at this point at Darcy's behaviour; she is so cross because she feels like the readers that Mr. Bingley and Jane were a well matched couple, Austen made her character someone who the reader could relate with over this lost relationship. We see how Mr. Darcy feels very strongly about how Bingley should not marry down, we also know that Darcy feels strongly about marring down in status because of how he behaves around Lizzy. From chapter eleven we could see that Mr. Darcy had a likening towards Lizzy, but he never admitted it to anyone except for when he proposed to Lizzy for the first time in chapter thirty four.In chapter thirty four, Lizzy can see how Mr. Darcy is against marring down, as when he proposes to her he lists all the reason why they are unsuited. Before Mr Darcy enters to propose to Lizzy, Lizzy decides to re-read the letters sent to her from Jane and by doing so her anger towards Darcy grows."Mr Darcy's shameful boast of what miseryhe had been able to inflict gave her a keenersense of her sister's sufferings."We can also see in this chapter how much Darcy does care about his position and how marring beneath him will affect it, here we see how he tried not to fall in love with her."In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will notbe repressed."Later we hear the reasons why they are not well suited and his position does come up, this shows us how after he broke Jane and Bingley's marriage up due to their positions, he is asking Lizzy for her hand in marriage after he has struggled to fight his personal barrier.In chapter eleven we see how Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship develops. We see how Miss Bingley tries to impress Darcy but fails and then we see how...

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