Using Drama In English As A Second Language Classes

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Using drama in ESL class or play provides a lot of benefits to the students. Drama not only can help students in improving their academic performance but it also benefits students’ development in five areas holistically which are physical development, emotional development, intellectual development, social development and moral development.
Here, I will focus on how to develop children language as well as their aesthetic values using the adapted script “The Ogre and The Three Little Goat” through drama.
There are many ways teacher can use drama in the language classroom to help students develop their language as well as aesthetic values. Drama activities such as storytelling, reader’s theater, simulation, and role play as well as story dramatization can be carried out by the teacher to facilitate students in learning language and encourage the aesthetic sense in children.
According to Maley (2005), drama integrates language skills in a natural way. Careful listening is a key feature. Spontaneous verbal expression is integral to most of the activities; and many of them require reading and writing, both as part of the input and the output.
One of the drama activities which I can use my adapted script to help children develop their language skills is reader’s theatre. In reader’s theatre, students read out the adapted script without any special props or costumed needed. As there are seven scenes in my adapted script, I can have different students to perform different scenes in my adapted script. Thus, every student will be able to involve themselves in the reader’s theatre.
Kristina Roberson (2009) claims that in reader theatre, beginning English speakers can have a small role with one or two sentences. Hence, I can assign students who have low English proficiency to take roles in my play which only have few dialogues. In my adapted script, “The Ogre and The Three Little Goat”, there are roles with only 1 sentences, thus, I can assign shy students or those who...

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