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Using Gps To Track A Particular Person

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Using GPS to Track a Particular Person


Often times its hard to imagine how the world survived without cell phones. Its an automatic response, when you see a car accident you take out your cell phone and dial for help, or when a child is waiting for a ride they will call their parents to see how far away they are. It is a great convenience for society to be able to do such things. Imagine if you didn't even have to call somebody to find out where they were. It may seem like a futuristic idea, humanity being capable of such mind reading; however, the advancement of GPS, global positioning systems, those ideas are coming to life in the present. GPS is a way to track one's position at anytime. This is done through the use of satellites monitored by stations on the ground. There are signals transmitted from a given satellite to the receiver on Earth. It is this information that gives precise location to one's whereabouts.

Although this service sounds quite convenient and has its obvious benefits, there are other issues to be considered. For example, many ethical dilemmas that play from privacy issues. In a world when at one time you could take a walk to remove yourself from the eye of another, we not may be under constant supervision of sorts. Tracking devises are easily placed in many things, cell phones, which are used by nearly all people in today's American society, are the recent and most wide spread target for GPS. Is it ethical to track someone through an everyday devices such as a cell phone, is tracking people ethical in itself? These are the questions that must be resolved before we can celebrate the positives of such technological advancements.

What is GPS

GPS stands for global positioning system. It is a way to track a person or an item using an intricate system of sattelites and receivers. Sited in the dictionary 7as,"A system of satellites, computers, and receivers that is able to determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by calculating the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver," this system gives people the technology once only thought of as superhuman, to locate an exact individual anywhere on the Earth.

How GPS Works

GPS works off of twenty-four satellites located 11,000 nautical miles above Earth's surface. These satellites track receivers, which are on Earth. Receivers can be GPS in a car, a chip located in a cell phone, military tracking devises, police radios, or even something as every day as a watch. The distance between the satellite and receiver is measured using the exact distance from six different satellites that locates a particular receiver on a particular path at the intersection of the two satellites. The exact distance and time that it takes to measure the distance is tracked and formulated to produce the exact longitudinal and latitudianl axis of the person being located. As complicated as the mathematical procedures...

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