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Using Data Encryption For Security In Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is expanding and replacing traditional storage and computing methods. It provides many advantages including greater access and it is cheaper than the traditional onsite server. Cloud computing provides an efficient and economical opportunity for many businesses and individuals to store files and information at an offsite data center. By providing access to these offsite data centers, businesses and individuals are able to remotely access their information from many different locations and they are saving money not having to invest in the servers. Security and privacy issues are a concern within cloud computing. The introduction of cloud computing has presented some security challenges that many consumers may question. There are a number of possible security issues or risks pertaining to how the data is stored and secured within cloud computing. This research paper will analyze cloud computing and the issues it faces from a security standpoint. The main focus for this paper will be on how data encryption can help safeguard information being stored in the cloud. Data encryption is a key component in security for cloud computing and is often used when secure information is being transmitted.
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Using Data Encryption for Security in Cloud Computing
Today, businesses and individuals want the ability to access their data anytime and anywhere. As technology advances and the newest devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are released, this ability has increased. The introduction of cloud computing provides the ability for individuals to be able to access their information from various locations and at various times. Cloud computing has numerous advantages including: money savings, easy to use, helps organization, saves time, and it is safe. Cloud computing provides safety from risks of fire, flood damage, or burglary. However, concerns over the security of the data in cloud computing is often questioned. Today, organizations and individuals must be able to safeguard their data. Thieves such as hackers and identity thefts are constantly enhancing their practices in an effort to capture information. This paper is going to look at cloud computing, the need for security in cloud computing, and how data is protected in the cloud. It will provide information on some of the perceived risks and why security is important. As a point of focus, this paper will analyze data encryption and how it helps provide security when information is transmitted to the cloud.
Cloud computing provides a convenient network for multiple devices to be able to share information or files and retrieve them on-demand. With minimal management effort for the service provider, cloud computing provides on-demand access to computing resources such as servers, storage, network, and applications (Maheta 2012). Cloud computing is delivering application as services over the internet using the...

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