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There is no better way to quickly communicate complex ideas to a wide audience than by using informative graphics. Graphics influence our purchases, warn us of danger, entertain us, and affect just about every area of our lives. However, in order to be effective they must successfully communicate their intended message to their anticipated audience. To do this, we must understand how to prepare visuals that communicate clearly and follow some basic rules.
The first step is to decide if you are going to use existing visuals or prepare your own custom graphics. Most of us have had some experience using clip art in a word processing document or PowerPoint presentation. Prepared ...view middle of the document...

The audience takes notice and begins to care if you can save them time and money, fulfill a pressing need, or reduce hassle and make their lives easier. The more you can get the audience to care the more attention the will give the graphic (Parkinson, 2014). This means that it is of the utmost importance that the graphics deliver your message and make the audience care about that message. Use the graphic to highlight the most significant, audience focused points. Make it obvious why the information communicated is important and valuable to the viewer (Parkinson, 2014). In order to effectively deliver your message you must know who your audience is. Audiences are made up of potential customers, investors, employees, and future contacts, all of which have questions about your message. The likelihood of you connecting with them relies on how effectively you can serve their information needs (Smickilas, 2012). Know who your audience is and how your graphics will connect with them. This means knowing their likes and dislikes as well as popular trends and influences. Clearly communicating your intended message to your target audience requires a proper layout of your graphics. Proper layout ensures that the data is easy to understand and all key features are highlighted. Your graphics should jump out and grab the viewer’s attention. Visuals should be set off from the surrounding text with adequate white space around and within the graphic. They should also appear in a “portrait” or vertical position as close as possible to their first mention in the text (Alred et al., 1992). Consistency with font and style will give a more polished and professional appearance. If your layout is bad the audience won’t invest the time and effort to interpret the graphics and receive your message. There are a few basics to remember when using graphics to clearly communicate to your target audience.
Effective graphics are simple, unique, and shareable. Following these three rules will ensure that you to connect with your intended audience. Keep it simple, too much data or visual clutter will confuse or turn off your viewers. The number one way to...

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