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Using Iso 14000, Illustrate The Strengths And The Weaknesses Of Environmental Management System

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In the contemporary business world, the changing consumer demand, rising consumer’s social expectation of businesses and government set to tighten regulation have urged environmental management. Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) are strategic management tools that outline the way an organization will address its impacts on the natural environment (Feng et al. 2014, 2901). One business main activities including day-to-day operations, long-term planning as well as other quality management systems have incorporate with environmental management function in an EMS (Australian Government Department of the Environment 2014). Also, EMS has been commonly known as an integration mechanism. The ...view middle of the document...

ISO 14000 is a collection of voluntary standards that supports businesses to realize ecological and economic improvements over the adoption of effective environmental management (Australian Government Department of the Environment 2014). Besides proposing a model for a more efficient environmental management, ISO 14000 also act as a guiding principle to make sure ecological concerns are reflected within decision making practices (Australian Government Department of the Environment 2014). Meanwhile, ISO 14001 tends to be the most widely adopted environmental management standard.
There are a number of benefits resulting from adopting the ISO 14001 standards. According to Psomas et al. (2011, 508), EMS can act as an influential instrument for businesses to advance their ecological performance and boost their business efficiency by means of lessening environmental liabilities, lessening waste, make the most efficient use of resources, establishing a good corporate image, cultivating consciousness of ecological concern among workers, attaining better consideration of the ecological impacts of business undertakings and boosting revenue with more efficient operations (Chavan 2005, quoted in Psomas et al. 2011, 508). Besides that, EMS may also help a business to avoid pollution and attract new customers and markets (da Silva and de Medeiros 2004, as quoted in Psomas et al. 2011, 508). The adoption of ISO 14001 standards not only monitoring business’ actions constantly, regularly reporting and measuring ecological impacts and validating the system’s effectiveness but also outline employees’ tasks and duties in addition to the integration of quality management and environmental concerns. Thus, Psomas et al. (2011, 508) stated that businesses can gain a number of benefits from implementation of EMS including goodwill, credibility, lessened liability threat, greater production, competitive advantage, cost savings and in the long run, cost-effectiveness.
On the other hand, there are difficulties to certification. First, to develop and implement EMS can be very costly due to the extra administration and necessities for broad...

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