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Using Levels Of Analysis To Reflect On My Experiences Of Studying And Learning Individual In Society Reflective Learning Journal

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Using levels of analysis to reflect on my experiences of studying and learning
Summary of the levels of analysis
Passer, Smith and Norris (2016) state that in order to understand behaviour, psychology’s six main perspectives can be simplified into three levels of analysis. These levels are Biological, Psychological and Environment/Social.
The Environment/Social level examines physical and social stimuli and the effect it has on an individual’s behaviour, this can include cultural factors for example cultural norms may influence how you react to negative events. This level holds the idea that many behaviours are determined by members of the group that they’re in, such as family and communities.
The Psychological level examines the mental process and psychological motives, this includes their thoughts, memories and feelings in relation to their thinking style, we can examine motives and personality traits and analyse how these processes influence behaviour. For example a pessimistic thinking style may effect an individual’s choice to apply for a particular job.
Finally the Biological level examines brain processes, hormonal and genetic influences and evolutionary adaptions. These processes are what form the basis of the biological level of analysis and demonstrate how it functions and consequently affects human behaviour. This may include an individual’s health lifestyle, for example whether they are getting enough sleep, have a predisposition to depression or have hereditary illnesses that may affect their day to day behaviours.
Using levels of analysis to reflect on my experiences of learning and studying
Passer, Smith and Norris (2016) described people as bio-psycho-social organisms, with our behaviours presenting our biological, psychological and social influences. This is evident in my personal experiences of learning and studying and the contrast between my first degree in Communications and this degree in Social Work. There are many factors in why my individual experiences of these two degrees are different, all relating back to the three levels of analysis. My study routine has drastically changed compared to the routine I carried out during my first degree, and this can be attributed directly to my environment change. During my first degree I was living out of home, this meant a good portion of my free time was spent at work so I could afford to pay rent and various other bills. My study times were usually allocated to days I...

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