Using Marketing For Successful Suggestion Boxes

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At Wesleyan College there is an issue with communication between students and dining hall staff. My groups’ POV Statement was “A Wesleyan student would like better communication regarding freshness and food choices between the consumers and the dining hall staff. We are going to solve this problem by creating a suggestion desk that includes a comment box, what’s fresh, the food of the week, and a mascot prompter. A suggestion box desk is a good idea but will it be functional is the question. Promoting the suggestion box desk will be a must, so people will know that is it available. We need evidence to prove that the suggestion box will be more adequate to solve the issue with communication ...view middle of the document...

394). Since emailing is more convenient, my group can send out a mass email to student news informing them about the suggestion box desk. Many of the Wesleyan student check their emails, but for those who do not, we can have a sign directing them in the dining hall such as the mascot prompter. This is a conventional way of advertising.
As previously stated, Lauby has given points on a suggestion box. Lauby stated, “If someone shares a good suggestion that meets the purpose of the program and aligns with a business goal-reward them for it”. This could also collide with marketing and advertising. Rewarding good suggestion will bring attention to our suggestion desk box and attract more students to participate. As reported by John Casteele (2014) in his article Disadvantages of Rewarding Employees with Gifts, “Giving gifts to employees may lead them to expect similar gift in the future”. In this case, the employees are the students who participate in the surveys and questionnaires. If my group agrees in giving surprise gifs to participants, other student may expect a gift every time they take a survey....

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