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Using Narratives To Improve Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills And Creativity

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Soft skills, also known as ‘people skills’ or ‘interpersonal skills’ have become quintessential these days for getting employed. The ability to communicate is the primary difference between animals and human beings. What distinguishes two individuals is the ability to communicate well. It is imperative to work on and improve one’s own communication skills from time to time.
This paper will discuss the methodology of using Narratives in the classroom to develop communication skills and personality of students. The focus of the paper is on the ‘Gap’ between soft skills the students’ have and the competencies the corporate industries expect or demand. Its purpose is to bridge the ‘Gap’ and their by increase the employability quotient.
What are employers looking for?
Business is all about people. It is about the way we communicate, our relationships and about presenting ourselves and the company; about presenting the ideas we have in the most creative, positive and impactful way. Many employers, businessmen and entrepreneurs believe that human element is vital for success along with logical, rational thinking and action. And that is why possessing strong soft skills set is critically essential.
Today, employers yearn for employees with the vital soft skills which are the key for efficiency across all job categories. Unlike earlier days, when subject knowledge and expertise were the only criteria for being hired, the skill set required for being employed has changed with the changing world.
As per the research conducted by Johnson & Burden (2003), while hiring younger people, employers focused on soft skills and behavioral attitude in the recruitment process instead of qualification. Employers stated that technical and industrial skills could be taught on-the-job if the candidates have the right soft skills.
Employers gauge the learning ability of the candidates by their soft skills which include the three vital skills, namely, communication skills, interpersonal skills and creativity.
Communication Skills
Even today, communication skills continue to be a major concern of many employers. It is imperative for each employee to be able to communicate verbally and in written form. Many believe that individuals with refined communication skills are more efficient.
Interpersonal Skills
Employers want employees who can get along with others. They must be specially trained in getting along with other employees who are dissimilar.
Employees who are creative will put in astonishing efforts to today's organizations and will help sketch the image for tomorrow's organizations. Business can no longer be conducted the way it was conducted ten years ago, companies have realized it and have adapted to the changing environment and thus want employees who can “think out of the box.”
The Package
While many employers believe that they will be able train employees in the...

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