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Using Nature To Relieve Stress Essay

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Using Nature to Relieve Stress

Hectic and busy lives seem to be the norm and a major part of today’s world. People are always rushing to get things done, whether it is a project deadline or just keeping up with the pace of life. These time constraints are usually related to external influences in our lives – work, school, traffic, family, friends and/or life in general. All these factors create drama in life and lead to stress; however, some people have higher levels of stress than others. Stress is not healthy; in fact, it has been proven to cause serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and even death. Sometimes, people just need to get away from the stresses of life, do something different and just RELAX!!! This may involve taking a day off from work or the stressor in life, going to the beach or some other place, getting a massage, or anything else to escape the stressor. What many people do not realize is there is something usually not far away that can relieve stress – nature.

For many people nature is the number one way to relieve stress. There are numerous videos, cassette tapes and CD’s on the market that show nature scenes and/or play nature sounds. One might ask why. Well, the answer is that nature tends to be peaceful, calm and relaxing. It is a place where someone can get away from the madness of a busy life. There are many companies and individuals trying to sell all kinds of things to get people to relax and “de-stress” their lives. In addition to the videos, tapes and CD’s, there is an abundance of marketing strategies to relieve stress including: counseling, exercise or health clubs, pills, massage therapists and health spas. All this “stuff” can become costly and might not even work for most people. Getting in touch with nature is an easy and cheap way of relieving stress for many people. All a person needs to do is get away from the hustle and bustle of life, escape to a quiet solitude of nature and let their senses be overwhelmed with relaxation. All five senses can enjoy what nature has to offer.

Not all people are convinced that nature has that affect and works to relieve stress. Two interviews were conducted with Morehead State University students while preparing this subject and paper. James Clements from Waddy, Kentucky states he gets stressed from school, his professors and mainly just everyday life. He believes nature is a great place to get rid of his stress. He makes sure to get “back to nature” everyday. He doesn’t try; rather, he makes it a part of his everyday schedule. ...

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