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Week 3 Individual Assignment - Using Roles 1Using Roles 6Using RolesUniversity of PhoenixEnterprise SecurityCMGT 430Thomas JosephOctober 20, 2014IntroductionRecognizing the most important steps when taking control of your organization internally, McBride has taken the first step to take control by preventing a misunderstanding of the roles and functions within the organization. Successful corporations require setting of specific performance goals for the each department and each individual within that department - each project; definition of the project to fit the expertise of the employee(s); and division of the project into small, readily finished portions. Companies have also found that less can be more in internal projects, as it is more efficient to have as much of a project completed by internal staff as much as possible, using an external professional consulting firm only to provide input within their particular area of expertise. Finally, it is important that company personnel work hand in hand with the consulting firm and function as a team (Eldridge, 2014).Value of Separation of DutiesSeparation of duties is difficult and the most costly one to achieve(Coleman, 2014). The objective, disseminate the privileges among the employees. Understanding, which roles that should be combined important, roles are such as accounts receivable insurance claims, deposits, and credit card reconciliation processes are not the types of roles that should be combined when completing this step in Separation of Duties. Following important steps to begin defining duties, and responsible individuals will insure McBride Financial Services secure and resiliency within the organization. This step will ultimately reduce the overall area of vulnerability, and help stakeholders to understand how vulnerabilities, attacks and mitigation manageable ("Cyber Mission Assurance", 2014). Professional consulting firms essentially follow the following protocols.Virtualization: Define and implement simulated groundwork to execute methods to separate non-persistence, replication, reconstitution, and scaling. This practice will boost potential to restrict attacks, and spread of harm thoroughly at the same instance increase preparedness. This will hence create a defense strategy that will secure McBride from possible system attack ("Cyber Mission Assurance", 2014).Non-persistence: Non-persistence techniques can be employed data access, applications, and connectivity when uninterrupted access is unnecessary("Cyber Mission Assurance", 2014). Refreshing the system intermittently provides the benefit of obstructing the hacker's capability to calculate the next opportunity that will avail an open window to attack, hence detection is more likely("Cyber Mission Assurance", 2014).Segregate the data and system accessPartition/Isolate: Isolating questionable components from trusted ones again will limit the basis of attack. Eliminating and controlling the extent of exposure and infection....

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