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Using Social Media For Customer Relationship Management

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Social CRM

Integrating the social media data and data from the existing CRM tools like Siebel enables the brand to truly listen to customer than ever before. Social networks are changing the expectation of the customer, they don’t want to be acquired, they don’t want to be managed, they want to be delighted and empowered. Identifying customers, understanding their concerns and reaching up to their expectations is possible using social media in CRM.

Surprise and Delight – Social Proactivity
Companies are changing, customers are changing, and customer expectations are changing. Customer service is no more a front desk executive replying to all the customer concerns. Customers are not just happy with speedy reaction and adequate resolution to concerns, they now expect organizations to actively engage them before the concern is actually raised. Though this looks quite challenging with limited resources and conflicting priorities, there are ways to achieve this. Social media had made it possible to portray customer service as a proactive customer experience channel instead of spending your time and efforts constantly reacting to customer negativity. Creative listening is one of the ways to achieve social proactivity. Companies set up keywords to monitor via social channels about their brand and product names. Social proactive customer service is about finding the customers and wannabe customers who have problems to solve and proactively addressing their concerns before they raise with the organization. Nowadays even organizations are going one step ahead by delighting and surprising with gifts for the customers who are giving quality help on social channels.

StarHub community
Building an online community is really important for any organization nowadays because it’s an easiest way to connect with your customers or users online. It’s important for any brand or business to get involved in cultivating really nice culture around the products and services using new online social tools. This way organization can get involved in the conversation already happening in social media about the products or services. So it’s possible to identify the customers who are discussing about the products and people who are interested in the products. Getting involved with customers in these communities may result in new product idea or service lines, or entirely new approaches to conducting current activities.

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