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Using Social Media To Market In Troubeling Times

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The economic stance of the country in our days has been deteriorating and is getting worse. This impacts small and large businesses alike, and with troubling economic times people are looking to expand their businesses in as many money saving ways as possible. Along with this comes a booming social media trend that shows no sign of fading, rather it is almost defiantly here to stay. In resent years people have began experimenting with social media marketing and it seems like this idea is starting to take flight. More and more people are beginning to use it to try to grow their business in a money saving manner, but this idea is still fairly new and could have good results just as often as it can have poor results. Can something that was meant to be used as a personal social network be used effectively to grow a company?
We have all come across some type of social media, whether we are members ourselves or have simply herd of these networks. Social media was originaly intendeed for personal use rather than for business use and from the beginning of social media they have advertised it as a place to come and join with friends. They quickly achived their goal as millions and millions of people flocked to these networks, building and personalizing their sites. Everyday these sites are visited around the world and have become an important facet of our evolving digital world. All that is needed to join these sites is a name, an e-mail and a pasword because of this ease of use these websites have become a part of our daily lives and not just a simple past time(Wortham). Social Networks are flooded with a constant flow of people making these sites the perfect place for businesses to market their products.
Business maketing through social networks has quickly grown in popularity because of its effectiveness and affordability. Some people still remain skeptical about its effectiveness while other believe whole heartedly it the idea. However social media is becoming the most powerful tool for advertisment and chosen over all other medias for advertisment by business owners (Simonds). Marketing used to rely on face to face meeting and could usually only be done in close proximity to the business. Now with the help of social media businesses are taking their products all over the world without even leaving their offices. Using social networks these businesses can build a name and a reputation for them self’s with brand profiles, fan pages, videos and many other things that help catch the attention of people (How Social Media Can Impact Businesses). Social media goes further than those who view them on their page, it spreads to the people they talk to and to any dissatisfied customers they might have. With marketing switching over to social media with such force there are now specifically targeted webs sites for businesses and business people such as linked in, a primarily business centered web site. However there are many things that must be taken into...

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