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Scientists that study in the social and behavioral field try to predict or elaborate on human behavior and developing hypothesis about the nature of crimes. There are qualities in relation to humans which are called variables; these variables are things such as: age, employment status, crime rate, and even their attitudes (Alan, Levin, & Forde, 2014). Looking at criminal justice statistics, there are central tendency measures that show the average or routine set of data. This is a value usually positioned within the center of a distribution. In this distribution, there is the mode, median, and the mean that are all measures of central tendency. Samples can be taken from a population of people to better understand the aspects of the population that the sample was taken from.
The field of criminal justice uses statistics for several reasons and they are a vital component within the system of criminal justice. When social scientists get ideas on the nature of social reality, they form educated guesses, and focus on an individual or a group of people. When scientists form their hypotheses, it allows them to convey the cause and effect that exists between several variables. The assumption which is developed by the researcher can be tested by means of surveys or experiments to determine whether the cause(s) lead to effects. The research performed by those within the criminal justice field and that of criminology, conduct research to gain a better understanding of the issues which are faced in battling crime.
Instead of using the term average over and over, criminal justice researchers use a more pointed term which is conveyed numerically. The measure of central tendency is whatever the average is within a data set, and usually in the middle of a group of numbers. The mode is the most common number in a group of numbers and is the single measure of central tendency applicable for nominal level variables. The term median can be described as the middle most point of a group of numbers and is utilized after a group of numbers; have been sorted from the smallest to the biggest number. The term mean describes the total sum of all the numbers in a group, then are divided by the total number of numbers in a group. Using these measures of central tendency, researchers can determine the average for groups of numbers such as those from a group of individuals involved in a specific crime.
It is vital that researchers test their assumptions besides describing them; to do this, they gather data on part of a group that they want to study. An example of this is alcohol abuse and what the crime have in common. Statistical data can determine serval arrangements such as incidents that occur because of driving while intoxicated, murder, among other violent crimes (Booth & Curran, 2013). If samples were not taken from a population, the available data on whether alcohol abuse plays a role in crimes would not be as well-known as it is now. By taking population samples,...

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