Using Storytelling In The Classroom As A Form Of Teaching

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Using Storytelling in the Classroom as a Form of TeachingStorytelling and narrative have both been used as a teaching device for hundreds of years. Their roots have surrounded religion, generally as an easier way of understanding the beliefs better. From the early views of Animism and Taoism, later to the views of Judaism and Christianity, and throughout time to today, stories have been used to teach the young and old. However, stories are not only used to teach about religious beliefs. Parents use stories to teach their children many facts about life. Elders use stories to teach the newer generation about humility or the value of work. However, storytelling has been used only sparingly in ...view middle of the document...

Yet, in his story there are many small universal truths that can be seen. One such truth is the stratification of society. Jimenez shows his audience that the life of people on the bottom level of society is very difficult. "...the temperature had risen to almost one hundred degrees. I was completely soaked in sweat and my mouth felt as if I was chewing on a handkerchief...The next morning I could hardly move. My body ached all over" (Jimenez 141, 142). The passage shows how hard even the children have to labor in order for the family to make any money. They move from work site to site during the different seasons. When the family does find work, they live in horrid conditions. "The garage was worn out by the years. It had no windows. The walls, eaten by termites, strained to support the roof full of holes. The dirt floor, populated by earth worms, looked like a gray roadmap" (Jimenez 140). Jimenez's mother and his little siblings sleep on a mattress on the ground, while Jimenez, his father, and his brother sleeps outside under the trees.However, his story also shows that even the people lowest in society can overcome insurmountable odds. On the rare occasions when Jimenez was allowed to go to school, he tried his hardest to make up for all of the lost time away from it. "The rest of the month, I spent my lunch hours working on English with Mr. Lema, my best friend" (Jimenez 143). Not only did he try to learn school subjects, he also made an effort to learn how to play the trumpet. "'How would you like to learn how to play it?' he asked. He must have read my face because before I could answer, he added; 'I'll teach you how to play it during our lunch hours'" (Jimenez 144). Jimenez shows the audience that he was not happy with his life of manual...

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