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Using Teaching: Making A Difference As Your Main Reference, Identify And Discuss Some Important Complexities In Teachers’ Work.

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Within teacher’s work, there are many complexities and challenges to face. It is important to recognise these as they will affect all teachers throughout their working years. The challenges teachers face also affect society as a whole, as everyone’s life is influenced by the education system. The issues that teachers face also affect the ability of students learning, thus limiting the capacity of society. Without education and teachers there are no building blocks for success. Teachers account for approximately 30% of students achievements (Hattie, 2002), proving that the complexities that affect teachers, affect everyone. These complexities can generally be grouped into four different topics; political, economic, social and cultural. Each of these factors offer different challenges in unique ways to teachers, however they are all important to be aware of.

Political factors have the ability to greatly complicate teachers work. The curriculum is an important example of this. “Issues such as the content of the curriculum, the methods of instruction, the organization of time and of classrooms are not left to the discretion of teachers but are handled by administrators, policy makers and so-called experts.” (Gordon, 2007). The curriculum has many negatives and positives. While it does give a structure to what is taught and attempts to keep students of the same age at the same level of learning, it can also limit what decisions teachers can make. Although within Australia there is teacher representation within the governing bodies that decide what content is important for students to learn, it is still largely decided by the Government as to what teachers are able to teach (Churchill, 2013). This provides challenges for teachers as not all students are equal. The curriculum can be inflexible especially when multiple intelligences are looked at. One curriculum decided by policy makers cannot account for the eight different areas of intelligence (Churchill, 2013). This greatly complicates teachers work as this may force them to decide between teaching the curriculum or leaving some students behind. Teachers must teach to the NAPLAN test rather than teach to what will most benefit their group of students. For instance a student may show great aptitude for the visual arts however this is not tested by the Government so the student may not be considered ‘intelligent’. The curriculum is a major complexity within teachers work as they must find a way to help their students realise their full potential while adhering to what must be taught. They must also make sure they are continually kept informed of any changes to the curriculum and then apply this to their own style of teaching. If a teacher is not able to keep their students up to standard with the curriculum, rather than looking at what can be changed within the system, the blame is placed on each teacher individually. Rather than teachers being the ones to develop the curriculum with student...

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