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Using Technology In The Classroom To Enhance Learning

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I will be using the elementary school scenario for a fifth grade mixed level classroom (special education and regular education) in my discussion for this task.
A. Motivation
Sarah: “Sarah cannot seem to sit in her seat and wanders around the room.” Sarah has been diagnosed with ADHD and has trouble sitting in her chair for more than 15 minutes at a time. Sarah needs understanding of how essential cooperation is to maintaining a learning environment (Savage & Savage, 2009, Chapter 3).
Intrinsic (internal) motivation varies for individual students and requires more creativity to create in a student. Instilling intrinsic motivation for Sarah is a difficult mission. However, goal setting is an excellent way for Sarah to feel a sense of pride in accomplishing her goals and increase persistence which is translated to intrinsic motivation. The first thing that I would do is move Sarah to the back of the classroom and allow her to stand at her desk during instruction and independent work. With Sarah in the back of the classroom, she will not be as disruptive to the classroom environment. Sarah will be working toward the goal of staying at her desk until the completion of the lesson and not wandering around the room. When she accomplishes this goal on a lesson by lesson basis, Sarah will feel this pride in accomplishing her goals and thus, increase her persistence, which increases her intrinsic motivation.
Extrinsic (external) motivation is widely used in classrooms and is, in short, a reward system. By reinforcing positive behavior (Sarah remaining at her desk) with a reward, the behavior is likely to continue (Savage & Savage, 2009, Chapter 3). For example, if Sarah remains at her desk during a lesson or completes independent work without wandering around the classroom, she would be allowed to use her free time at the end of class to work on her photography for the photography and moviemaking club.
Bridgett: “Bridgett needs continual confirmation that she is doing her work correctly, she demands your constant attention.” Bridgett is an excellent student who maintains a high grade on her assignments. Bridgett clearly has a low sense of self-efficacy in completing lessons and the constant demand for praise and attention to validate her progress in the classroom can be disruptive.
Using Hull’s drive theory of reducing tension and creating internal equilibrium by meeting basic needs, Bridgett would be teamed up with a lower performing student to have her coach and guide the other student. This gives her a sense of balance and competency that can promote intrinsic motivation and in turn will minimize her constant need for validation of her work (Cherry, n.d.b). Once Bridgett sees improvement in the lesser performing student, her intrinsic motivation increases (Cherry, n.d.a).
Applying extrinsic motivation to the situation with Bridgett is a challenge because Bridgett already gets her “external” motivation by seeking out validation...

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