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Using Technology In The Classroom Essay

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Frederick Douglas stated, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free”. As a future educator I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Using technology to assist with literacy within the classroom will help prepare the students for the “real world”. Use of technology has changed the way teachers teach because they now have more effective ways of reaching different types of learners. Especially when trying to reach students with specific disabilities that would otherwise not be able to participate without the use of some type of assistive technology. The future of technology used within the classrooms can be revolutionary and endless. In today’s world technology has become a key ...view middle of the document...

Research has shown that a majority of students will generally show enthusiasm when using technology for learning during a lesson. To keep the students interest in using technology long term, applying the use of the same technology over and over should be avoided. Teachers need to stay on top of current technology based trends and constantly explore new options to integrate technology into their lessons. By doing so you are also able to teach them to become versatile with using and learning new technologies. This is key for surviving and thriving as a member of society.
Compared to other societies in history, technology has become a vital tool for survival within our current society. It is important for educators to be familiar with the various technologies and communicative practices found within our society. When teachers encourage their students to stay flexible with using various forms of technology they are helping teach them an important skill for surviving in the “real world” that is almost as important as literacy. This is only second to literacy because to be able to properly use most technology you must be literate. With using technology to teach literacy, teachers are able to reach out and accommodate more learning styles. Some technologies are able to reach out to multiple learning styles and other technologies may only have the capability of reaching only one style of learning. For example, visual learners are able to see and view the material by using computers, projectors, or videos. While auditory learners benefit more from use of speech programs to read material to them on the computer, listening to sound clips or videos, and use of books on tape/cd. One thing to keep in mind when selecting technology for literacy use is that over time the needs of the students change. It is important to acknowledge this factor so that you can not only keep your students interest, but also so you can keep up with new technologies that may be available that would better benefit your students. “They are not only acquiring new tools for interpreting the cultures that surround them but also learning how to think about those tools in reference to their rapidly changing lives” (Agee, 2009, p. 364). There are consistently various forms of technologies to learn and to keep up with. This includes everything from individual devices, to applications and websites.
From a teaching stand point it is more important to keep up with the various applications and websites available than it is to teach students how to use every available individual technological device. It is helpful to either have a class set of devices or have a particular type of device available that can easily be shared within the classroom. If you allow students to bring their own devices you run into several possible issues including either students not being able to afford their own devices or students bringing so many different types of devices that more instructional time is spent on...

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